Analytical Instruments

Laboratory is fully equipped for organopollutants analysis. Two GC/MS instruments (ion trap and quadrupole; Varian; Bruker), LC/MS instrument (Q-TRAP; Sciex) and LC/UV/FLT (Waters) instrument are available. The facility is further compounded with in-house UHPLC/MS (ToF; Waters).  For solid sample extraction, an accelerated solvent extractor (ASE 200; Dionex) and supercritical fluid extractor (Labio) are also available. Additionally, various equipments for environmental or microbiological samples preparation (SPE manifold, SPE disks extractor, homogenizators, centrifuges, speed-vac, GPC, RVO, passive samplers) are present.


Laboratory is maintaining an extensive collection of white rot fungi, which are grown in both solid and liquid media, and used in various degradation experiments. For microbes cultivation, lab members have access to all necessary infrastructures (water purification facilities, autoclaves, sterile and thermostated rooms, cold rooms) within the Institute of Microbiology. An Infinite NanoQuant plate reader (Tecan) is used for standardized protocols (extracellular enzyme activity measurement, protein concentration, YES assays etc.).

Molecular Biology

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Joint Workspace

The laboratory cooperates with the laboratory of Dr. Monika Moeder by the Analytical Departure of Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig, Germany. (

The laboratory cooperates with the laboratory of Prof., Mag. Dr. Rosa Margesin, Institute of Microbiology, University of Innsbruck .

The laboratory cooperates with the laboratory of Alessandro D’Annibale, PhD, University of Tuscia.

The laboratory has been cooperating for long time with the main environmental companies operated in Czech Republic (DEKONTA a.s., AECOM a.s, AQUATEST a.s.).